Food Impressions 03/2016

September 2016


We are pleased to be able to surprise you today with our freshly “relaunched” newsletter. Two things were particularly important to us in the redesign process: a wide range of topics and maximum clarity. You decide whether we’ve achieved this and let us know - we look forward to receiving your feedback!

One particularly exciting topic is without doubt our innovative Constantia Flexibles Reclose Family, which makes work so much easier for everyone looking for new as well as tried and tested reclose packaging solutions for food and other products. The same is true of CONSTANTIA Waxfree TopFold or our new environmentally friendly laminate foil. As we have learned through intensive dialog with our customers, both are innovations that enable the meeting of requirements for which an ideal solution had not yet been found. Sustainability and our series on food legislation are two further items we would like to draw your attention to.

Another recommendation: our new page on YouTube is up and running. A film entitled “Constantia Flexibles? You probably haven't heard about us yet.” has been released for the premiere. It’s an animation that presents a lot about us and the roots of our success in an entertaining, charming and modern way. Just click on it to watch ...

Best regards,

Stefan GroteEVP Division Food EuropeFritz HumerEVP Division Food Emerging Markets and Stefan BogollEVP Division Food North America
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