Food Impressions 04/2017

December 2017

The Perfect Santa

Around 1820, the first Santa Claus figures started to be made from solid chocolate. Approximately 20 years later, they were produced for the first time as hollow bodies in the form which is used today. Constantia Flexibles has a long history of producing printing foil and film for Santa Clauses, Easter bunnies and other chocolate figures. Every year, the company ensures that the chocolate Santa Clause gets its typical appearance. The patented method, which involves aluminum foil being produced industrially and rolled, has been in existence for more than 100 years. Since then, chocolate producers in Europe and the USA have been wrapping their products in aluminum foil.

Custom-made aluminum materials and state-of-the-art technologies combined with decades of experience in design and packaging production guarantee that food manufacturers can provide chocolate figures with the right “attire”. The possibilities range from low-priced products in a mixed bag to glossy golden premium products at the point of sale.

Every year, Constantia Flexibles manufactures packaging for more than 50 percent of the 150 million chocolate Santa Clauses produced in Germany. The aluminum foil prevents the migration of printing ink components and other substances from the outside and offers complete protection from the light.

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