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January 2018

Constantia Interactive: A Smart Packaging Solution for the Digital Age

Interactive packaging is an exciting new development that reflects the broad trend toward digitalization in many areas of life. Constantia Flexibles is firmly abreast of that trend: In November 2017, it launched Constantia Interactive, a comprehensive interactive packaging solution that opens up a wide range of digital communication and marketing possibilities. Constantia Flexibles is in a particularly strong position to offer the solution, as it possesses the expertise for all of the solution’s elements, from printing to content and data management.

Constantia Interactive is a powerful solution that combines digitally readable packaging with a smartphone app and a data management platform, and is customizable to a wide range of customer needs.

“With Constantia Interactive, we have developed an innovative packaging solution that delivers what companies need and gives customers what they want,” says Alexander Baumgartner, CEO of Constantia Flexibles. “It meets the needs of the end customer by supplying information in a simple way and also functions as an important marketing tool.”

Key Features of Constantia Interactive for Pharmaceutical Packaging

For pharmaceutical companies looking to enhance customer experience via new and attractive customer touchpoints, Constantia Interactive offers a range of impressive options for pharmaceutical packaging. These options can be tailored to the company’s individual requirements. 

One option is the interactive leaflet function, which provides all required information about the medication. If the patient loses the printed version of the packaging insert, they will always have it in digital form on their smartphone. As an additional safety feature, the interactive leaflet function has a language setting – vital if the patient were to fall ill abroad and were unable to explain the dosage, frequency, etc. due to not speaking the local language. 

The interactive leaflet also offers useful functionalities not available with a physical paper leaflet, namely a search function and the ability to enlarge the font size. Answers to questions not covered in the wording of the leaflet can be found via the chatbot function.

Another option is the user-friendly calendar function, which can be set to issue prompts to patients to take their medication at the appropriate intervals and to send reminders to refill the prescription.

When used in combination with anti-counterfeiting methods such as a digital watermark or other digitally readable code (e.g., RFID tags or image analysis), Constantia Interactive can also provide an effective method for identifying counterfeit products.

Customized programming of the solution is available and can be used for a wide variety of marketing tools, e.g., videos or contests tailored to the end customer. In addition, the smartphone app can be customized to any brand and thereby harmonized with the brand design, with the brand owner given full control over which features are displayed. 

Since existing packaging artwork and brand design can be used for image recognition, modifications to packaging artwork or additional printing steps are not usually required. That means interactive packaging in most cases does not need to differ in appearance from conventional packaging.

Last but not least, the solution employs augmented reality to deliver a vivid interactive experience that genuinely wows the customer. “Besides protection, the role of packaging is also to attract the attention and the interest of consumers,” points out Baumgartner.

Facts and Figures:

In a recent survey of German consumers, 66% considered a brand with interactive elements in its packaging to be abreast of the times.

For further information and explanatory videos about Constantia Interactive for the pharmaceutical and food industries, please visit

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