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July 2017

Healthy Attendance Levels at Customer Academy Nordic

Constantia Flexibles has held Customer Academy events on a regular basis over the last five years, attracting participants from major pharmaceutical companies, foil/film producers, and machine companies. This year’s event, organized in conjunction with Perlen Packaging, was more successful than ever, with no fewer than 50 participants.


The Constantia Flexibles Customer Academy proved its worth once again this year, with participants from Scandinavian multinationals such as H. Lundbeck and Novo Nordisk and others attending the event in Copenhagen. “The excellent attendance levels at Customer Academy Nordic will certainly help us achieve our strategic goal: to be the first point of contact for customers who need packaging solutions,” said the event’s organizer, Elmar Maus, Regional Sales Director DACH & Scandinavia.

Constantia Flexibles Success Story

The guest speaker at the event was Matthias Mössinger, Executive Director at DS Technology (Germany), who told a recent Constantia Flexibles success story: Protective primary packaging developed for DS Technology’s XStraw®, a plastic drinking straw for pelletized pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products. Matthias Mössinger also commended his company’s relationship with Constantia Flexibles and explained the technical specifications for the packaging (see article below).

In a follow-up interview, he commented on future prospects for Constantia Flexibles as supplier of packaging for XStraw®: “Anti-counterfeiting measures are becoming increasingly important – at this Academy, I learned about some attractive options in that area,” he noted. “I also learned about new developments in materials and the implications for barrier properties. Originally, we used packaging with very high barrier properties, but the characteristics of our product may change, so we may need the full range from low barrier to high barrier.”

Expanded Networking Opportunities

Marketplace, a cleverly conceived “mini trade show” with a structured networking environment consisting of separate “booths,” each dedicated to a single “exhibitor,” proved popular once again at this year’s Academy, having been introduced at the DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) event in 2016.

“Marketplace is a perfect way to interact with all participants in a comfortable, informal environment,” said Matthias Mössinger. “The discussions I had were very fruitful, and it was great to be able to exchange opinions on packaging trends and developments with experts from the Scandinavian pharmaceutical industry.”


Participants at Customer Academy Nordic, which was organized in conjunction with Perlen Packaging, a leading Swiss provider of PVC- and PVDC-based thermoforming films, were from the following companies:

Bifodan, CSP Technologies, DS Technology GmbH, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Fertin Pharma, H. Lundbeck, IMA, Jilotek Ky, Johnson & Johnson, LEO Pharma, Mediseal GmbH, Novo Nordisk, Orifice Medical AB, Orion Corporation, Orkla Care, Orkla Health, Prodieco, Recipharm Stockholm AB, Rychiger AG, Vitux AS

This was the first time the Customer Academy has been held in Scandinavia.

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