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May 2018

Constantia Flexibles at the Cutting Edge of Child-Resistant Packaging

Constantia Flexibles places pharmaceutical safety for children in the spotlight by offering a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art child-resistant and senior-friendly solutions.


According to the non-profit organization Safe Kids Worldwide, some 59,000 children in the US are treated in emergency rooms for accidental poisoning from medication each year. Some pain relievers and heart medications are so powerful that even a single pill can be deadly for a child who ingests it accidentally.

Despite these devastating statistics, not all countries have laws mandating child-resistant packaging. In the US, numerous drugs are subject to such laws and must be distributed in child-safe packaging. In Europe, however, child-resistant packaging remains optional for some types of medication that may still be harmful to children. Because of the serious nature of this issue, Constantia Flexibles is committed to helping our customers offer their medications in pharmaceutical packaging that meets the highest child-resistance standards.

Pierre-Henri Bruchon, Head of Constantia Flexibles’s Pharma Division, puts it this way, “The very essence of pharmaceutical packaging is to protect and preserve the high-quality ingredients from damage due to oxygen and moisture. Beyond that, though, we absolutely must consider it to be in our own best interest to protect children from dangerous substances not intended for them.”

The laboratory of Germany-based company ivm childsafe tests and certifies child-resistant packaging. Rolf Abelmann, CEO of ivm childsafe, highlights yet another challenge for the industry, “Besides reducing the risk to children, child-resistant packaging also has to be suitable for the elderly. We subject packaging to rigorous testing, only certifying it as market ready when it is both child resistant and senior friendly.” Constantia Flexibles recognizes this challenge and responds to it proactively by offering a wide range of products in meeting all of these criteria. Our products include Peel&Push, Peelable, Bend&Tear, Pinch&Tear, and Push-Through solutions.

Constantia Flexibles is the ideal partner to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies in making the world safer for children.


We cannot change very young children’s understanding of the dangers of certain medications, but we can take steps to reduce their risk of accidental poisoning. With Constantia Flexibles’s broad variety of solutions, we can make this world a safer place for children:

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