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June 2019

Let’s Save Lives Today: Constantia Flexibles Pharma’s New Brand Profile

When Constantia Flexibles’s Pharma Division decided to embark on a rebranding journey, the first step was a period of soul-searching about what we do and more importantly why we do it. The end result was a new brand profile centered around the concept of saving lives in partnership with our customers from the pharmaceutical industry.

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Constantia Flexibles has been in the business of producing foils and laminates for the pharmaceutical and consumer industries for decades. Over that time, the global packaging market has reached nearly 900 billion US dollars in value. It has also become quite fragmented, with scores of small to large-scale market players that can all claim to offer “innovative packaging solutions.” What makes a company stand out in that crowd? And how can we communicate our brand values consistently and compellingly? These are just some of the questions Constantia Flexibles Pharma sought to answer in our recent rebranding process.

“The entire division went through a period of intense self-reflection,” says Klaas Nemitz, VP Marketing, Pharma Division at Constantia Flexibles, “during which we asked ourselves not only what we do and how we do it, but why we do what we do.” It became clear that Constantia Flexibles Pharma is about more than innovative packaging solutions, that our partners in the pharmaceutical industry are more than mere customers, and that when it comes to issues like digitalization and sustainability, we want to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. 

Like a lot of our competitors, we strive every day for regulatory and customer compliance and cutting-edge innovation at a competitive price. After digging a bit deeper, however, we found that our real motivation is protecting health and ultimately saving lives. Our clients in the pharmaceutical industry invest considerable resources in developing products to safeguard their customers’ health and well-being. It’s our job to work closely with them – as partners – to ensure that product quality is not impaired on the way to the patient. Our partners have one less thing to worry about and everyone at Constantia Flexibles Pharma gets to play a vital role in our joint effort to improve and save lives. 

“In some ways,” says Klaas Nemitz, “it’s quite bold. We’ve had people ask how a flexible packaging supplier can claim to save lives – it’s a valid question.” The obvious answer are innovations that make it harder for kids to get at potentially harmful drugs and easier for the elderly to access life-saving medicines. Or our anti-counterfeiting measures that seek to reduce the estimated one million deaths from fake drugs each year. And with best-in-class barrier properties to protect medicines from contamination or degradation as well as rigorous quality management measures in all of our facilities worldwide, our pharmaceutical partners and their end customers can rest assured that these precious products will work as promised.

We consolidated all of the ideas, principles, and values that emerged in the rebranding process in our new brand profile. With designs featuring our signature “Constantia Red” and a detailed roadmap for the future, we have rededicated ourselves to our guiding principles of People Passion Packaging and established as our main drivers continuous improvement and innovation, an open and inclusive company culture, and sustainability. We believe we stand a better chance of protecting and saving lives when we share knowledge and expertise, strive to elevate one another in our day-to-day exchanges, and work towards a common goal. 

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