Pharma and HPC Insights 04/2019

September 2019

Global Reach and Local Impact

Expanding the Constantia Flexibles Hubs and Satellites Network

For many years now, Constantia Flexibles has set its sights on growth with a pioneering expansion strategy. Going global with strategically placed Hubs and staying local with our growing network of Satellite sites has enabled us to reach more markets worldwide and achieve even better and more responsive service.

The main objective of any business is to provide its customers with the highest quality products and the best possible service – what sets Constantia Flexibles apart is how we go about it. Our cluster supply chain strategy combines a few strategically placed global Hubs with regional Satellites to provide the best possible service where our customers need it most. 

Concentrating master reel production at select Hub locations makes our supply logistics more efficient and delivers high-quality, large-volume products to our Satellite locations. Constantia Vietnam, the Constantia Flexibles Group’s new Hub for the Asia-Pacific region, will extend our global reach to these important markets.

Our Satellite sites offer specialist finishing services close to our customers, enabling us to deliver tailor-made solutions and an agile response to changing needs. Satellites include Group companies like Russia-based Constantia TT and strategic alliances with partners in key locations like Novaprint in Brazil.

In this edition of our newsletter, we look forward to bringing you the latest news on our ever-expanding network. 

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