Pharma and HPC Insights 05/2018

September 2018

Breathe Easy With Inhalation Solutions from Constantia Flexibles

The human lung, with its large surface area and rich blood supply, is an ideal target for drug delivery. Pharmaceutical companies are offering patients novel medicines and medical devices for inhalation therapy to treat respiratory diseases and a wide range of other conditions. Find out how Constantia Flexibles is partnering with these innovative leaders to deliver pioneering packaging solutions for the growing inhalation segment.

Rising to the Challenge
The pharmaceutical industry has come a long way from the old shake-and-spray inhalers of the past. That’s good news for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma – conditions which are on the rise due to smoking, air pollution, and climate change – as well as other conditions that respond well to pulmonary drug delivery (PDD) like diabetes or the common cold. Devices from pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDI) to dry powder inhalers (DPI) and nebulizers deliver vital medicines directly to the organ that needs it most, allowing for more precise dosage, less waste, and fewer side effects than systemic drugs. But before these pioneering solutions can get to patients, they pose some packaging challenges, and Constantia Flexibles is here to help.

Protecting the Drugs and Devices That Protect Health
As a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging worldwide, Constantia Flexibles is a trusted partner for pharmaceutical packaging. With the pace of innovation in the inhalation segment, many industry players may not be aware of our comprehensive range of smart solutions in this growing area. Primary packaging products like our coldform laminates not only offer high-precision cavities, but also easy-to-open lidding and high-barrier materials. Our secondary packaging solutions for inhalation devices ensure reliable protection and a range of easy-opening features, in both flexible and rigid forms. And with our qualified cleanrooms and quality systems, we guarantee that your inhalation medicines and medical devices meet the highest hygiene and quality standards when they arrive in the patient’s hands.

Travel Trouble-Free With Safemax
Thanks to global distribution chains, life-saving medication can be transported to every corner of the earth. Without proper protective packaging, however, the efficacy and safety of these drugs may be at risk during transit. Our rigid Safemax range of aluminum containers provides a superior barrier against water vapor, oxygen, and contaminants. The premium look and feel of these customizable trays set products apart from simple flow-wrap outers and the peelable lidding foil is a breeze to open even as the seal ensures high integrity.

Tailored Solutions Through Teamwork
In addition to off-the-shelf packaging products, Constantia Flexibles is committed to working closely with our customers in the pharmaceutical industry to adapt our solutions to their needs, both in primary and secondary packaging of inhalation medicines and medical devices. We have dedicated competence centers focused on packaging materials, application engineering, and product excellence that work hand in hand with customer R&D teams to develop custom solutions. One such recent collaboration produced a packaging solution that significantly increased the product’s shelf life, minimizing waste and cutting costs. Our pilot manufacturing lines also offer flexible, cost-efficient options for early-stage production and proof-of-concept studies. And if there is any uncertainty about complying with regulatory or environmental standards, we have specialist teams in place to provide advice and support. The more our customers innovate, the harder we work to deliver strong end-to-end packaging solutions.

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