Pharma and HPC Insights 03/2017

October 2017

Ongoing Sustainability Initiatives and Legislation in the EU and India

Constantia Flexibles continuously monitors governmental initiatives such as the EU’s Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) initiative and legislation such as India’s upcoming ban on non-recyclable packaging.

Sustainability, staying abreast of environmental initiatives, and compliance with environmental regulations are key concerns at Constantia Flexibles. Thomas Greigeritsch, Head of Sustainability at Constantia Flexibles, is tasked with monitoring related developments in major markets around the world.

“The EU-driven PEF eco-labeling initiative is one of the developments we’re keeping an eye on at the moment. Once we’ve seen the final outcome of the initiative, we may wish to integrate the resulting standardized eco-labeling into our packaging solutions, including our pharmaceutical packaging,” he says.

Another item on his watch list is India’s ban on non-recyclable packaging, which enters into force next year. For the Pharma Division, the new rules in India could potentially mean that alternatives to certain pharma packaging products might have to be found. “Thanks to our long history of innovation, we’re already able to offer packaging solutions compliant with bans in certain markets,” points out Thomas Greigeritsch. “For example, we offer flexible monomaterial packaging solutions – aluminum or plastic – which are perfectly recyclable; and the recyclable lacquered aluminum used for blister foils might still be considered fully compliant with the new regulations in India.”

What is the PEF initiative?
An EU-driven initiative aimed at harmonizing methods for calculating a product’s environmental footprint, with the aim of developing standards for clear, consumer-friendly eco-labeling.

What does the ban in India involve?
The widely publicized ban relates to non-recyclable plastics. Sanjiv Jaggi, Managing Director at Constantia Flexibles India, comments: “Constantia Flexibles will continue to fully comply with all relevant local legislation, and in collaboration with customers will develop suitable solutions which meet sustainability requirements while providing barrier properties appropriate to the packaged product.”

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