Pharma Newsletter 03/2015

October 2015


Innovations arise from visions. This is particularly true in the global pharmaceutical industry, which is on the search for new methods and means for protecting health and curing illnesses. The innovations arising from associated research challenge us to develop new types and forms of packaging. One very good example of this is our title story, which shows that it is currently possible to produce high quality and regulatory compliant packaging which combines the key requirements of child resistant F1 packs while also being senior friendly. Innovations that follow on from other new developments have a number of prerequisites: the intensive exchange of ideas, the ability to work as a team as well as state-of-the-art expertise and know-how. Intensive, personal interactions often become the engine that drives success. This can be seen in the second part of our title story, which involves new packaging for a chewable dog tablet to prevent fleas and ticks. It was produced in “record time” while meeting the specified requirements: close interaction and close cooperation between our customer and our experts. This is precisely the reason why we now rely on the principle of Pharma satellite plants, i.e. production “on site” at our customers, which you can read about on page two.

With best regards,

Pierre-Henri Bruchon
Senior VP Sales

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