Pharma Newsletter 04/2016

December 2016


Reliable and just in time delivery for our customers has a central meaning. We spend a lot of time and effort working on enhancing these services and optimizing them. Reason behind this is, that we want to be THE preferred partner for our customers in packaging on the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. So we can offer two more stepping stones into that direction proving this to our customers and their demands: the Perlen Packaging suppository film production transfer to Constantia and our Satellite Concept. Both help to optimize products and processes, as you can see from our articles. In issue no. four of Pharma Impressions 2015, we already explained the basics of our Pharma Satellite Plants, that have been in operation and have made a relevant step forward to better customer satisfaction. In this issue, we also introduce you to some of our latest investments: LAMP Italy and Laser perforation at Constantia Patz in Austria. These investments are practical examples of day-to-day work that is used to clearly illustrate the benefits of our being close to our customers. Finally, we want to provide you with a recap of past events and some new people within the Constantia family. This edition of our newsletter as being the last of four in this year will be issued close to Christmas eve. I would therefore like to thank you for making it to a valuable tool in our customer relationship efforts! At the same time I am looking forward to four more issues in 2017 and I also wish us all a quiet, relaxing festive season and a happy new year.

Juan-Luis Martinez
Head of Operations Division Pharma

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