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April 2020

What’s in a Name?

Rebranding at Constantia Flexibles

The name says it all in our new brand architecture at Constantia Flexibles! These new brand names give clients immediate insight into a product's key features and use Latin, the common language of medicine, to highlight the vital role the products play in saving lives. 
And even though the names are all new, our customers can rest assured that our innovative packaging solutions still offer the same high quality they are accustomed to.

It was a huge challenge right from the outset. We wanted to give our customers an easy-to-understand brand architecture that was consistent and logical in its structure, yet offered short, catchy product names that highlight their key features. And finally, but equally importantly, the names should send a signal to clients that we are serious about our pledge "Let's Save Lives Today.". This is not just a motto for us, it is the goal everyone at Constantia Flexibles Pharma sees as their mission. It is what drives us to perform our best and what keeps our clients coming back. As part of our Group-wide rebranding strategy, we are putting saving lives front and center in all of our external communication, and that includes even the names of the products themselves.

We started by restructuring the entire product architecture, splitting the offering into three main categories. Firstly, there are Covers, the lidding foils that cover a variety of base web solutions. The Carriers are blister webs that carry medications in cavities of various depths and resistance to sticky or aggressive filling materials. And finally, we have Cases, referring to the multi-layered laminates that encase medication or medical devices in sachets, strip packs, stick packs, and other single-dose solutions. On top of this, each of these categories can be equipped with special child-resistant, senior-friendly, or anti-counterfeiting features for additional protection.

When it came to choosing the names, Latin proved a perfect fit. Many languages in the world use Latin roots and our brains are trained to recognize them, allowing us to pinpoint the key properties of each product in a single word – like FLEXA for cases that bend and twist or LUBRICA for anti-stick carriers. The enhanced life-saving features available as add-ons range from the TRIA child-resistant opening that takes three steps to open to COLORA anti-counterfeit foil that uses special inks and color reactions for extra security. Latin has always been the shared language in the medical field, enabling innovations and healing to transcend national and linguistic borders for millennia. This helps us to communicate to clients – right from the first glance – that we are part of a long tradition of healing and saving lives.

Now that the new naming system is in place, we are pretty proud of the results – even if we do say so ourselves! The updated architecture with three clear-cut categories and the easily accessible brand names have made our services at Constantia Flexibles Pharma even more customer-friendly. And while the new names may take some getting used to, we have laid a strong foundation for our future brand development.

The rollout has already begun, with the new names featured in our promotional material and used by sales staff. Our website and product information will gradually change over to the new naming system and we have published a handy "Quick-Finder" that provides a glossary of the old and new names as well as additional information on the rebranded products. As we reintroduce the world to the Constantia Flexibles product range, we reaffirm our commitment to saving lives in partnership with our clients from the pharmaceutical industry.

For a full overview of our new product names, download our new Quick-Finder.

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