Trends & Insights for Pharma 02/2020

August 2020

Many Thanks to our Machine Partners!

Our sincere thanks to the members of our machine manufacturing network and their partners at Constantia Flexibles for their kind collaboration on this edition of our Pharma newsletter.

Davide Soncin, Product/Project Manager at IMA (Bologna, Italy)

Rolf Izsak, Senior Product Manager at the Romaco Group (Karlsruhe, Germany)


Marco Laackmann, Director Inhalation Technology at Harro Höfliger (Allmersbach im Tal, Germany)
Stefan Bernsau, Director Needle Technology at Harro Höfliger (Allmersbach im Tal, Germany)


José María Pastrana, CEO at INVpack (Barcelona, Spain)
Miguel Romera, General Manager at INVpack (Barcelona, Spain)


Micha Kühne, Vice President Division Healthcare at Rychiger AG (Steffisburg, Switzerland)
Alessio Maiocchi, Product Manager for Healthcare Machines at Rychiger AG (Steffisburg, Switzerland)


Michael A. Castaldo, Director of Business Development at Mactec (Sayreville, NJ, USA)


Roberto Martín, Head of Innovation at Constantia Tobepal’s Product Excellence Center for Laminates (Logroño, Spain)
Sebastian Lindner, Product Development & Application Engineer at Constantia Pirk (Pirk, Germany)

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